Can I do volunteer work if I am furloughed?

Furloughed employees cannot do any work for their organisation. While on furlough, employees must not provide services or make money for (or on behalf of) their employer. That includes volunteering. … But for now, a furloughed employee can’t volunteer for their organisation, even if it’s in a different role.

Can you volunteer to work when furloughed?

A furloughed employee can take part in volunteer work, if it does not provide services to or generate revenue for, or on behalf of your organisation, or a linked or associated organisation. … Whilst furloughed, your employer cannot ask you to do work for another linked or associated company.

Can you have a temporary job while furloughed?

Technically you can get another job while on furlough – as long as your boss doesn’t mind. Being on furlough means you are still employed by your employer, which means you could be in breach of contract if you do accept a new role.

Is it illegal to work while furloughed?

You cannot work for your employer while you are on furlough. If your employer wants you to work, you will need to be taken off furlough and your employer will need to pay your salary.

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Can you attend meetings on furlough?

Can I Attend Meetings and Check Work Emails on Furlough? No, you should not attend work-related meetings or check emails, as this could be considered providing services to your employer. Attending a business meeting or responding to just one work email, would breach CJRS and could risk your furlough payment.

What is classed as training during furlough?

Furloughed employees can engage in training during hours which the employee is recorded as being on furlough, as long as in undertaking the training the employee does not provide services to, or generate revenue for, their organisation or a linked or associated organisation.

Can I work self employed while on furlough?

According to the government, furloughed individuals can freelance in situations where their current contract permits them to do so.

How long can a company furlough an employee?

Furloughs can last for up to six months before a company is required to decide if a worker is returning or not. This means there is a chance of economic exposure pending how long the furlough lasts.

Do you still get wage slips on furlough?

Once you’ve established what your regular gross pay is, the payslip should show 80 per cent of this figure. … If your employer has agreed to top up your furlough pay to 100 per cent, your payslip shouldn’t look any different from previous ones.

Can you answer emails while on furlough?

Furloughed staff should NOT do any work though, including sending or responding to work emails because this is not permitted under the CJRS.

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What can I do while on furlough?

Well, the government has also confirmed that the following activities can be undertaken by an employee, whilst they are furloughed:

  1. Training;
  2. Volunteer work; and.
  3. Work for another employer (if your contract allows)


Can I refuse training on furlough?

Training is allowed, but only if it does not provide services to, or generate revenue for, the employer. It must also be directly relevant to an employee’s role and must be first agreed between the employer and the employee.

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