Do trustees of charities need to be DBS checked?

In terms of safeguarding there is no legal requirement that says ‘all trustees must have [x] level of DBS check’. Instead, the Charity Commission expects criminal record checks to be carried out where the position in question is eligible for such checks.

Who needs a DBS check charity?

Charity staff may also need online DBS checks depending on the scope of their work. If their role involves direct contact with vulnerable adults or children, an enhanced DBS check is usually required. This could include even those employees with more limited contact, such as the driver of a children’s bus.

What level of DBS should a charity trustee be?

Trustees of charities would usually be eligible for an Enhanced DBS check. This level of check will provide information about convictions (both spent and unspent) and warnings or cautions the trustee has against them. Anyone taking on a voluntary role will also be subject to a DBS check.

Do charities need a board of trustees?

Every charity has a governing body (most often called a board) that takes overall responsibility for its work. The board is responsible for the governance of a charity – ensuring it is effectively and properly run and is meeting its overall purposes as set out in its governing document.

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Do charities have to pay for DBS checks?

The DBS will search police records to identify people who are unsuitable for certain types of work, especially work involving children and vulnerable adults. DBS checks are free for volunteers.

How long does a DBS last?

While official recommendations suggest a DBS should be renewed every three years, some​ organisations have set policies surrounding when they request rechecks. This timescale can vary from six months to every two years.

How do I get an enhanced DBS certificate?

Get a standard or enhanced DBS check for an employee

  1. Ask DBS or your umbrella body for an application form.
  2. Give the form to the applicant to fill in.
  3. The applicant will return the completed form to you along with documents proving their identity.
  4. Send the completed application form to DBS or your umbrella body.

How do I get an enhanced DBS for a volunteer?

In order to be eligible for a DBS check, a volunteer must be undertaking unpaid work for the benefit of an unrelated third party, with no intent to gain anything in return. They must also be working in a regulated activity with children or vulnerable adults.

What does being a trustee of a charity mean?

Charity trustees are the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run. They may be called trustees, the board, the management committee, governors, directors or something else.

How many trustees should a charity have?

Aim for a minimum of three unconnected trustees with a good range of skills. You need enough trustees to govern the charity effectively. It’s also important to keep your board small enough to arrange meetings easily and allow effective discussion and decision making.

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Who Cannot be a charity trustee?

Individuals are already automatically disqualified as charity trustees if they have unspent convictions for offences of dishonesty or deception (the same goes for attempting, aiding or abetting these offences). A spent conviction doesn’t disqualify anyone – the disqualification only applies to unspent convictions.

Do trustees of charities get paid?

The Charity Commission’s guidance on trustee expenses and payments (CC11) says a charity trustee should be paid only where this is “clearly in the interests of the charity and provides a significant and clear advantage over all other options”.

A trustee must “make the trust property productive.” A trustee must not comingle trust property with outside assets and must clearly label trust property. A trustee has the duty to reasonably enforce claims of the trust and defend against legal actions that could harm the trust financially.

How much does a DBS check cost?

Apply for a basic Disclosure and Barring Service ( DBS ) check to get a copy of your criminal record. This is called ‘basic disclosure’. It costs £23.

Are DBS checks transferable?

DBS checks are only transferable if you have signed up for the Update Service, which you must do within 14 days after receiving the initial DBS certificate. Once you register successfully to the Update Service, your DBS check is portable between jobs.

Do I need to DBS check my volunteers?

If you do, the organisation you’re volunteering with will most likely have to apply for the DBS Check on your behalf – individuals can only apply for Basic DBS Checks on themselves and the majority of volunteer positions that require a check will need a Standard or Enhanced DBS.

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