How do you ask a company to match a donation?

How do I ask for a match donation?

How To Get Matching Funds from a Major Donor

  1. Review your major donors for the right donor(s) Look for a donor who either a) hasn’t given a gift yet this year, or b) you think has the capacity to give another gift at year-end. …
  2. Approach the donor with a question. …
  3. Share the stats with them. …
  4. Give them a deadline.


How do I find companies that match my donations?

78% of match-eligible donors don’t know their company offers a matching gift program, and only 7% of donors at companies with matching gift programs actually submit a request.

Top 30 Matching Gift Companies: Find Your Match.

Matching Gift Company Match Ratio Maximum Match Amount
General Electric 1:1 $5,000
BP 1:1 $5,000
Microsoft 1:1 $15,000
JPMorgan 1:1 $1,000

How do you explain matching donations?

Donation matching is a corporate giving initiative in which an employer matches their employee’s contribution to a specific cause, increasing the gift. For example, if a Kindful employee donates $50 to a local organization, the matching gift would be Kindful’s additional donation of $50.

What is a challenge gift?

The fundraising world defines a challenge gift as a donation in which a large contribution is announced in conjunction with a solicitation for support. These types of gifts can be used in a number of different ways. They can be announced as leadership gifts to kickstart a program or campaign.

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Does Amazon do donation matching?

Amazon does not have a matching program for charitable donations. … “We are encouraging employees to donate through the holiday giving season, and have their donation doubled by Amazon, to support our neighbors in need.”

What companies match fund?

Generally speaking, banks and building societies, insurance companies, supermarkets, utilities providers, phone companies and car manufacturers are known to offer match-funding schemes.

Can you match political donations?

Federal funds for presidential candidates (US)

In American politics, the term refers to the money a presidential candidate is given by federal government to match the money they have raised personally. Candidates can expect up to US$250 extra from public funds for each contribution from an individual they receive.

Do matching donations work?

A matching gift is a charitable donation by a corporation that matches an employee’s donation to an eligible nonprofit organization, most often dollar for dollar. … A $100 donation to your organization is eligible to be matched by a corporate employer, literally doubling the donation for a total of $200.

Why do companies match donations?

Matching employee donations puts the research responsibilities on the employee, not the company. It also avoids debates about which nonprofits should receive funds by democratizing the process. In other words, the employees have a say in how their company spends its giving budget.

How do challenge gifts work?

In a challenge, the organization announces that it has already received a donation of, say, $250,000, and the Donor has challenged the organization to match it, thereby doubling the power of their gift. … A Donor helped us get halfway there with a gift of $250,000.

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How does a challenge grant work?

Challenge grants are donations that are made to a nonprofit by a grant-making party once the nonprofit organization has successfully fulfilled a predetermined list of requirements. These prerequisites are the “challenge” component of a challenge grant! The grant-making party can be: A foundation.

What is a matching challenge?

Matching challenges are one of our secret weapons for time-based fundraising campaigns. They’re usually the highest grossing day(s) of a campaign because they motivate fundraisers and donors to act fast to double their impact on the cause.

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