Is the compassion charity legit?

Compassion has been awarded 13 consecutive, four-star ratings by Charity Navigator, America’s largest charity evaluator, as well as the Gallup Great Workplace Award for the past three straight years.

Is compassion a trustworthy charity?

Financial Integrity of Compassion International

We want to do everything we can to earn your confidence in us as a trustworthy charity. Compassion International has been a trustworthy charity since 1952.

How much money from compassion goes to the child?

In fact, with Compassion International, of the $38 a month on average a sponsor donates, 80% of that or MORE goes DIRECTLY to address the needs of THAT child. It’s a one-to-one relationship between the child and that sponsor.

How much money does the CEO of Compassion International make?

Compensation of Leaders (FYE 06/2019)

Compensation % of Expenses Title
$419,184 0.04% President, CEO

Can Compassion International Be Trusted?

Compassion as an organization has always been trustworthy and quick to answer questions and give help. Yes, I would recommend Compassion to a friend. Compassion has changed so many peoples lives- the children and the sponsors.

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What is the best organization to sponsor a child through?

Child Sponsorship Charities

Charity Rating
Compassion International A
Pearl S. Buck International A
Save the Children A-
Unbound A+

How do I stop Compassion sponsorship?

If you want to cancel your child sponsorship, you should contact the Compassion International customer service at (800) 336-7676. The customer service is available Monday–Friday from 7 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Prepare strong reasons for canceling your membership—they’ll do their best to keep you as a sponsor.

What are the best children’s charities?

The Top 21 Kids Charities To Give To In 2021

  1. Save The Children. …
  2. Children’s Health Fund. …
  3. Child Find Of America. …
  4. Prevent Child Abuse. …
  5. Shoes That Fit. …
  6. My Stuff Bags. …
  7. Locks Of Love. …
  8. Reach Out & Read.


Is child sponsorship ethical?

The sponsored children were 42% more likely to finish secondary education than those not part of the programme, and 83% more likely to complete university. … But critics of this form of child sponsorship argue it is unfair and discriminatory; while one child is helped others in the community are left behind.

How much does Compassion International keep?

As for how we spend your money, no more than 20 percent pays for administration and fundraising. That’s our commitment to you. And for the past several years, we’ve been significantly below that 20 percent.

Does sponsoring a child really help?

Sponsoring a child is the most personal, effective way to fight poverty. When you sponsor a child in need, you build a special relationship that encourages your child with hope for the future. It’s also an opportunity to live more generously or model faithful giving for your own children.

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At what age does compassion sponsorship end?

Finishing Well

Children typically graduate from our Child Sponsorship Program between the ages of 18 and 22. It varies by country, and although age is a determining factor in a child’s completion, we do not finalize a completion just for that reason.

Is compassion UK a good charity?

If you are a sponsor with Compassion and have thought about this before, I encourage you to check out Charity Navigator’s review of Compassion. Not only did we receive the highest rating of four stars last year, but we received it for the previous seven years as well.

What happens when compassion child turns 18?

The contact usually occurs around a child’s 18th birthday. After all, an 18-year-old in the United States is viewed as an adult and is legally released from a parent’s care on that magical birthday. So it’s understandable when sponsors assume the same standard applies to the students they sponsor.

Is World Vision a legitimate charity?

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. … World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Is Compassion International Catholic?

No. Children are welcome to participate in a Compassion-assisted child development center regardless of their faith. Compassion’s program, however, is unapologetically Christian and every Compassion center is connected to a Christian church or ministry.

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