Is Toys for Tots a good charity to donate to?

For every dollar raised, 97 cents is used for program costs. As a reference point, watchdog Charity Watch considers an organization a Top Rated Charity if an organization uses 80 percent of its income to provide its service. Marine Toys for Tots is very effective in program delivery and fiscal responsibility.

How does Toys for Tots benefit the community?

The toys, books and other gifts collected and distributed by Marines and volunteers offer these children recognition, confidence and a positive memory for a lifetime. We believe it is such experiences that help disadvantaged children become responsible citizens and caring members of their community.

Why should I donate to Toys for Tots?

The Toys for Tots message of hope for the future has motivated youngsters to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. Toys for Tots not only benefits children, but also has a positive impact on communities, on businesses – large and small, on the Marine Corps and on the nation.

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Where is the best place to donate used toys?

10 Places to Donate Gently Used Children’s Toys

  1. Charities. Salvation Army and Goodwill are two of the most recognizable charities that take toy donations. …
  2. Hospitals. …
  3. Doctors’ Offices. …
  4. Daycare Centers. …
  5. Shelters. …
  6. Children’s Homes. …
  7. Military Families. …
  8. Religious Centers.


What is the problem that caused someone to start Toys for Tots?

Problem is that the program is run by the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation under the auspices of the US Marine Corps Reserve. … But the main one in this case is that the military kills lots of kids in other countries every year; so it’s hard to countenance helping them give toys to kids in this country.

How many toys do Toys for Tots give each child?

books are also needed (children receive 2 toys each and 3 books count as ONE gift!)

Do Toys for Tots donations stay local?

Members of the community drop new, unwrapped toys in collection boxes positioned in local businesses. Coordinators pick up these toys and store them in central warehouses where the toys are sorted by age and gender.

Is it too late to donate to Toys for Tots?

Additional Ways to Donate

You can donate a toy at one of the local toy drop locations or host a Toys for Tots event at your home, office or other venue and collect toys for Toys for Tots. … You can donate In Memory or In Honor of an individual anytime throughout the year.

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How much money actually goes to Toys for Tots?

Programs (FYE 12/2019)

Program Name Amount Spent % of Program Expenses
Toys for Tots $220,842,756 96.1%
Toys for Tots Literacy Program $5,820,528 2.5%
Public Information and Education Program $3,175,950 1.4%

Are donations to Toys for Tots tax deductible?

Please remember that Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, making your gift tax deductible.

Is Goodwill actually good?

The glories of thrift store shopping aside, is Goodwill really a charity? Legally, yes, it is a tax-exempt nonprofit that does perform work for the public good. … In the United States and Canada, the thrift store giant runs over 164 regional Goodwill organizations and 3,200 individual stores.

What can you do with old teddy bears?

  1. Donate to op shops or not-for-profit organisations. …
  2. Donate to emergency services or hospitals. …
  3. Donate to a pet shelter. …
  4. Arrange a swap with family or friends. …
  5. Hold a garage sale. …
  6. Make a teddy bear backpack.


What can you do with old cuddly toys?

While you might consider simply throwing those old toys in the trash, there are plenty of kids who would love to receive them.

Here’s Where to Donate Toys to Kids Who Need Them Most

  1. Charities. …
  2. Buy Nothing Groups. …
  3. Hospitals. …
  4. Children’s Homes and Shelters. …
  5. Daycare Centers. …
  6. Police and Fire Departments. …
  7. Churches.


Is Toys for Tots box legit?

Toys for Tots is a genuinely good program with genuinely good intentions – the problem is that people, by and large, are awful, despicable creatures, and the system put into place to protect the program from said creatures often prevents you from doing what you feel is right.

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Why did Toys for Tots start?

Toys for Tots began as a Los Angeles charitable effort in 1947. Major Bill Hendricks, USMCR, was inspired by his wife Diane when she tried to donate a homemade Raggedy Ann doll to a needy child but could not find any organization to do so.

Who is CEO of Toys for Tots?

Retired Marine Lieutenant General Pete Osman, President and CEO of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation said, “We are very pleased to welcome Hallmark Channel as a major national corporate sponsor of the Marine Toys for Tots Campaign.

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