Question: Is Vietnam Veterans of America a 501c3?

Vietnam Veterans of America Inc. is a 501(c)(19) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 1984, and deductibiltiy of donations depends on various factors.

Are donations to Vietnam Veterans of America tax-deductible?

Vietnam Veterans of America, California – Acceptable Donations. … All donations are tax-deductible and you’ll even receive a tax deduction receipt when your donations are picked up!

Is Vietnam Veterans of America a nonprofit?

VVA is organized as a not-for-profit corporation and is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

What happens to donations to Vietnam vets?

The Vietnam Veterans of America sells your donated items to private companies by annual bid which generates the majority of the funding to support the local, state, and national programs of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Your donations make it all possible so we thank you for your support.

Is Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund legitimate?

VVMF is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to honoring our nation’s veterans and educating this and future generations about the impact of the Vietnam War.

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Is Vietnam Veterans of America a good organization?

With a fraction of the staff and a fraction of the budget of comparable publications, we produce the best veterans magazine, bar none. That fact was underscored in 2013 and again in 2014 by the presentation of apex awards to the vva veteran for magazine excellence.

How much does the CEO of Vietnam Veterans of America make?

Compensation of Leaders (FYE 09/2019)

Compensation % of Expenses Title
$224,950 1.96% President, CEO

What do Vietnam Veterans of America pick up?

Acceptable Donations

Virtually all types of clothing, shoes, and accessories including ladies, men’s, kids, children’s, baby, purses, belts, ties, wallets, dresses, shirts, pants, shoes.

What organizations help Vietnam veterans?

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)

Founded in 1978, Vietnam Veterans of America is a national non-profit organization that advocates for Vietnam Vets through legislation, community support, and local and national events that recognize veterans from all service eras.

What are the best veteran charities to donate to?

10 Highly Rated Wounded Veteran Charities

  • The Gary Sinise Foundation. Charity Navigator Rating: Four stars. …
  • Semper Fi Fund. …
  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation. …
  • Fisher House Foundation. …
  • Freedom Service Dogs of America. …
  • Air Warrior Courage Foundation. …
  • Operation Second Chance. …
  • Hope for the Warriors.

What is the best charity to donate household items to?

Here is a list of organizations and charities that will pick up your donations at no cost to you:

  • The Salvation Army.
  • Habitat for Humanity.
  • Goodwill.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America.
  • The Furniture Bank Network.
  • AMVETS National Service Foundation.
  • The Arc.
  • Greendrop.
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What is the best charity to give to?

The five best COVID-19 charities to support

  • World Central Kitchen. …
  • Crisis Text Line. …
  • Heart to Heart International. …
  • The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund. …
  • Relief International. …
  • Best animal charity to donate to: American Humane. …
  • Best cancer charity to donate to: Cancer Research Institute.


Are the veterans picking up donations?

An Easy, Free Donation Pick Up Service that Benefits the Vietnam Veterans of America and the Environment. … We’ll pick up your clothing and household-item donations free of charge, and your gift will support US Veterans who have fought to keep this country safe.

Where is the wall that heals now?

HARRISON, Ohio (WXIX) – The Wall That Heals, a three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., is on display at JTM Food Group at 110 Industrial Drive in Harrison through Sunday, June 13.

Who funded the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was paid for by donations from more than 275,000 individuals, veterans and civic organizations, corporations, foundations, and unions. No federal funds were used.

Is the Paralyzed Veterans of America?

Founded in 1946, Paralyzed Veterans of America (Paralyzed Veterans) is the only congressionally chartered veterans service organization dedicated solely to serving the needs of veterans with spinal cord injury or spinal cord dysfunction (SCI/D).

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