What is a volunteer vegetable?

Volunteer plants are those that come up in the garden with no effort on your part. They germinate from seeds dropped by flowers in previous years or seeds can arrive stuck to the fur and skin of small animals.

What does volunteer mean in gardening?

Any plant that the gardener didn’t put in, and is not a weed, is known by the term volunteer. In most cases gardeners consider these plants more than welcome, though they may need to be relocated or even shared. (Who can resist free plants?)

What is a volunteer tomato?

A volunteer plant of any type is a plant that grows somewhere you did not intentionally plant or seed it. … When you see a tomato plant sprout somewhere you didn’t plant it, you may be tempted to keep it and let it grow. There are some good reasons to do so, like harvesting more tomatoes later.

Why are plants called volunteers?

A plant is called a volunteer when it grows in an area it wasn’t planted. These can either be desirable or undesirable plants.

What is a volunteer vine?

Volunteers are an integral part of VINE. VINE’s volunteers represent Greater Mankato’s diversity and are always willing and eager to share their expertise to help VINE grow. … It is through their commitment and energy that VINE has been successful and helped so many people in need.

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What is a volunteer corps?

AVS helps identify volunteer opportunities, promote volunteerism, and connect Soldiers, family members, civilians, retirees and community members to legitimate service organizations. …

What are volunteer potatoes?

Latin names: Solanum tuberosum L. Volunteer Weeds. Potatoes are often seen growing as casuals on tips and waste ground but it is the volunteer potatoes found in arable fields that are the weed problem. These arise from seeds, tubers and tuber pieces that remain in the soil following an earlier potato crop.

Can tomato plants spread seeds?

The fruit is consumed by a bird, or perhaps a mammal, along with the seeds. The seeds themselves are later excreted without being digested and are thereby scattered.

What is volunteer squash?

A few growing seasons ago a volunteer squash appeared in my garden. It was a hybrid of unknown parentage. It was a pepo, so a nice summer squash. The thing that stood out about it was that it was super early and super vigorous. I kept it emasculated all summer long so that it could be pollinated with crookneck squash.

Where do volunteer tomatoes come from?

Most fruiting crops, however, can use a little help. Volunteer tomatoes usually come from the seeds of fallen fruit, so they can be “recruited” by dropping an overripe tomato or two on the ground (away from the original bed, of course) and stepping on them.

How do you transplant a volunteer tomato?


  1. Allow the volunteer to grow in place until it has three to four sets of true leaves.
  2. Water the area with the volunteer tomato plant so the top 6 inches of soil is moist a day or two before you plan to dig the tomato.
  3. Choose a cool, cloudy day or wait until near evening to transplant the tomato.
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What are absolute weeds?

Absolute weed

Relative weed. 1. Absolute weed has no economic value. 1. Relative weed has some economic value but in a particular place it has no economic value.

How do I get my vine back?

To back up your account visit Vine.co. Next to the log-in button you will find a button labeled “Download your Vines.” Click on it and log in when asked.

Are volunteer squash plants edible?

Yes, the squash growing in your compost pile are edible, but there’s a very good chance they won’t be tasty. They might have a tough texture, too.

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