What is the opposite word of charity?

What’s the opposite word of charity?

What is the opposite of charity?

reject castaway
rejection castoff

What is the synonym and antonym of charity?

Some common synonyms of charity are clemency, grace, leniency, and mercy. While all these words mean “a disposition to show kindness or compassion,” charity stresses benevolence and goodwill shown in broad understanding and tolerance of others.

What is the synonym of charity?

In this page you can discover 84 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for charity, like: agape, alms, humanitarian, kindness, eleemosynary, bounty, Jacob’s ladder, philanthropic, almsgiving, beneficence and covenant.

What is the opposite of donate?

What is the opposite of donate?

decline reject
dismiss forgo
knock back opt out of
rebuff refuse
renounce repudiate

What is a charity event called?

A fundraising event (also called a fundraiser) is an event or campaign whose primary purpose is to raise money for a cause, charity or non-profit organization. … Special events are another method of raising funds.

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What is it called when you give money to charity?

A philanthropist is a person who gives money or gifts to charities, or helps needy people in other ways. … Philanthropy is from Late Latin philanthrōpia, from Greek, from philanthrōpos “humane, kind,” from the prefix phil- plus anthrōpos “man, mankind.”

What is the word for giving to the poor?

British Dictionary definitions for alms

alms. / (ɑːmz) / pl n. charitable donations of money or goods to the poor or needy.

How do you say someone is charitable?

Synonyms & Antonyms of charitable

  1. altruistic,
  2. beneficent,
  3. benevolent,
  4. do-good,
  5. eleemosynary,
  6. good,
  7. humanitarian,
  8. philanthropic.

What is another word for giving to the poor?

Alms are money, food, or similar items given to the poor as a charitable act.

Do charity or make charity?

If you give money to charity, you give it to one or more charitable organizations. If you do something for charity, you do it in order to raise money for one or more charitable organizations. He made substantial donations to charity. … Charity is kindness and understanding towards other people.

How do you describe a charity?

Definition: A charity is an organisation with specific purposes defined in law to be charitable – and is exclusively for public benefit. This means a charity has to fall into one of a number of categories defined as charitable, such as the prevention or relief of poverty. Its sole purpose must be charitable.

How do you describe charity?

: the act of giving money, food, or other kinds of help to people who are poor, sick, etc. also : something (such as money or food) that is given to people who are poor, sick, etc. : an organization that helps people who are poor, sick, etc.

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What do we call donation in English?

A donation is something which someone gives to a charity or other organization. Employees make regular donations to charity. [ + to/of/from] Charities appealed for donations of food and clothing for victims of the hurricane. Synonyms: contribution, gift, subscription, offering More Synonyms of donation.

How do you ask for a donation?

The fundamentals of how to ask for donations online

  1. Inspire giving by truthfully telling your story. As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy. …
  2. Tailor your message to who you’re asking. …
  3. Create a sense of urgency. …
  4. Use email to your advantage. …
  5. Make it easy to donate. …
  6. Be specific in your ask. …
  7. Get creative with how you ask.


What should a donation page say?

Instead, choose words like partner, give, and support. “Donate” gives the impression that you only want (or need) their money. Words like “support” and “partner,” followed by the name of your cause or campaign, can increase your donations significantly because they invite people into a relationship.

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