How do I donate clothes to Amazon?

Can you donate clothes through Amazon?

Just follow these three steps to participate: Empty your old Amazon shipping box. Fill the box with clothing, accessories and household goods you no longer want. Then print your free shipping label at

How do I donate to Amazon box?

Here are the super easy steps:

  1. Open your box – Unpack your merchandise from the box and obtain the prepaid shipping label.
  2. Pack your box – Fill the box with clothing and household goods you no longer need.
  3. Send your box – Attach the pre-paid shipping label provided to the box and ship as usual.


What is GiveBackBox?

Give Back Box® provides vendor services to retailers and charities, giving each and every cardboard box a second life to help people in need. So it is also a ‘green’ solution!

Is give back box legit 2020?

Once your donation has been processed, you’ll be notified by email and you can use your tracking number to itemize your donation online from your account to get a tax deduction receipt. Put your shipping boxes to good use this holiday season, we verified the Give Back Box program is legit.

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Can you donate on Amazon?

Charitable organizations that register with Amazon Pay have two options that will allow their supporters to make donations using the information in their Amazon accounts: … Donations directly on your website, when donors click the Donate with Amazon button.

Does Amazon donate to nonprofits?

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.

What do I do with all the Amazon boxes?

You simply empty the box you got from Amazon, and then fill it with used clothing, accessories, and household stuff that you no longer need or want. Then go to to download a U.S. Post Office or UPS address label to Goodwill for free.

Does Amazon want their boxes back?

Retail giant Amazon probably ships more cardboard boxes than any company on the planet. Now it’s trying to boost recycling efforts by joining the Give Back Box program. The goal is to encourage Amazon customers to re-use their boxes to donate clothing or other goods to GoodWill Industries.

Is give back box no longer free?

Economical. Donating using Give Back Box is cost free for the donor and it also saves time in their already busy schedule. You no longer have to use your time to drive and drop-off your donation, you can simply mail it to the charity.

Do Goodwill employees get first dibs?

Goodwill employees are not allowed to get first dibs.

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Where does Amazon give back box go?

Where is the donation going? The boxes are routed directly to the nearest participating local charity organization.

How can I send donations for free?

Fill the boxes with donations for Goodwill and let UPS or USPS deliver them for free. You even get a tax write-off. The Amazon Give Back Box program has been around for a while, but somehow it has stayed under the radar.

Who does give back box benefit?

Give Back Box® has also teamed up with some of the biggest retailers in the U.S., including Overstock, Amazon, Loft, REI, Levi’s, Asics, Ann Taylor, LEGO, Nordstrom, Viva Terra, Ecru, Bonobos, Scrubs & Beyond, eBags, Lou & Grey and many others. The Give Back Box platform is open for any retailer who joins as a partner.

How does the Amazon give back box work?

To use Give Back Box, consumers simply fill up an unused box (an empty Amazon box or any shippable box) with donations, then print out a pre-paid label on the Give Back Box site. From there, the box will be picked up and sent to those in need. … Donating through Give Back Box also helps divert cardboard from landfills.

Where can I send unwanted clothes?

There are three main ways to donate unwanted clothes and shoes to TRAID.

  • Donate at your nearest TRAID Clothes Recycling Bank (open during lockdown). …
  • Donate at your local TRAID charity shop (hopefully from 12 April). …
  • Book a free home collection from Thursday 1st April if you live in or near London.
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