How far did charity and Andres get?

Are charity and Andres a couple?

Charity Anderson Reid (born 2000) is an American dancer. … She specializes in contemporary and acro dance. She and partner Andres Peñate competed on season 2 of World of Dance in 2018, becoming the first in the show’s history to score a perfect 100 on a routine.

What place did charity and Andres get?

Junior (under 18, up to 4 members)

Dance act Age(s) Placement
Charity & Andres 17 World Final (3rd Place)
Sean & Kaycee 16/15 Divisional Final
Jaxon Willard 16 Divisional Final
Josh & Taylor 18/15 Cut

Are charity and Andres siblings?

Charity Anderson and her brother Landon have been dancing together since they were toddlers. The two hail from Springville, Utah, and while they often dance with other partners, there is no denying the connection they share on stage.

Which dance did charity and Andres get a perfect score?

The Kings are the first World of Dance contestants to score a 100 this season, but they’ve still got some pretty shoes to fill. In season 2, duo Charity Anderson and Andres Penate earned the first-ever combined perfect score of 100 during the second Duels round.

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Who is Derek Hough married to?

The 33-year-old dance pro has been dating fellow dancer Hayley Erbert since 2015. While Hayley’s name might not sound too familiar, the 25-year-old has appeared on DWTS as a member of the show’s dance troupe for years.

How old is Charity Anderson?

About 21 years (2000)

Did Sean and Kaycee get eliminated?

Junior #3: Sean and Kaycee – ELIMINATED.

Has anyone got 100 world of dance?

Junior contemporary duo Charity Anderson, of Springville, and Andres Penate, of Vineyard, known as Charity and Andres, were shown achieving the first-ever combined perfect score of 100 on NBC’s “World of Dance” on Wednesday during the second Duels round.

Who won WOD Season 4?

World of Dance (season 4)

World of Dance
Season 4
Hosted by Scott Evans
Judges Ne-Yo Jennifer Lopez Derek Hough
Winner MDC 3

What age did Autumn Miller start dancing?

Autumn started dancing at age 6, after a brief stint in gymnastics. Her mother, Krista Miller, was then a well-respected dance teacher, and knew the business well from her years of working professionally with everyone from Prince to Debbie Allen.

What song do charity and Andres dance to?

Charity & Andres from Springville, Utah give a performance of a lifetime when they dance to the Kaleo song “Way Down We Go.” (See song link below.)

How did Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice meet?

3. Sean and Kaycee met more than 8 years ago. The duo met on the competition circuit. They once competed against each other, but now they’ve formed the ultimate dancing duo on World of Dance!

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Is Andres Penate in Hsmtmts?

Andres Penate is an actor, known for High School Musical: The Musical – The Series (2019) and Dear …

What episode of World of Dance is charity and Andres on?

Charity & Andres’ preliminary performance in Episode BC03 consisted of performing a contemporary dance routine to “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur . Mike gave the duo a standing ovation.

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