How many volunteers does OzHarvest have?

We would not be able to operate without the countless hours that our volunteers donate, fondly known as the ‘yellow army’. We are lucky enough to have 3,300 dedicated people across the country supporting our cause.

Who does OzHarvest help?

From humble beginnings, OzHarvest has become a leading food rescue organisation on a mission to ‘Nourish our Country’ by stopping good food from going to waste and delivering it to charities that help feed people in need.

How does OzHarvest help the community?

Our education goal is to strengthen community connections, improve life skills, increase healthy eating and food waste awareness. We have a range of programs including FEAST, NEST and NOURISH to inspire primary and high school kids, ‘at risk’ youth and families in need.

Where does OzHarvest get their funding and resources from?

This initiative is available thanks to funding from the NSW Government, along with support from the Canterbury-Bankstown Council. Each week, OzHarvest will provide a limited number of food relief hampers, made up of a range of pantry items and fresh produce.

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How is OzHarvest funded?

Donations that are not tied to a particular program are extremely valuable as they enable OzHarvest to direct funding to the area of greatest need. We use every dollar donated to us as efficiently as possible.

What is OzHarvest goal?

At OzHarvest, our goal is to advocate, inspire and influence others to halve food waste by 2030, collaborating with industry and Government and raising awareness through our work in the media. Our sustainability strategy aims to educate the community about how to fix our broken food system.

What can I do with unwanted food?

Use food scraps such as fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, eggshells, nutshells and tea bags. Do not dispose of meat, dairy or oils this way. Add the food waste to cardboard, newspaper, vegetation and other organic materials in your compost pile. Mix it in with soil and dirt so the food can be broken down.

How can we help OzHarvest?

Donate food

If you are a registered business with good quality surplus food, you can find out if OzHarvest can rescue it. By donating quality excess food, you are not only reducing your own waste and disposal costs, but greatly assisting people in need in your community!

How can we reduce food waste?

  1. Put your food waste to use. Instead of throwing away your food scraps, compost them. …
  2. Respect food. Food connects us all. …
  3. Support local food producers. …
  4. Keep fish populations afloat. …
  5. Use less water. …
  6. Keep our soils and water clean. …
  7. Eat more pulses and veggies. …
  8. Sharing is caring.
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What are the four pillars of OzHarvest?

OzHarvest has four pillars that direct the work that we do: Rescue Eliminating hunger and food waste by redistributing quality surplus food. Educate Educating and raising awareness about food waste, food rescue, food security and sustainability.

Where does OzHarvest get their food donations?

Does OzHarvest rescue food from private households? OzHarvest rescues food from registered businesses only. If you wish to donate food from a private home or residence, we recommend finding a local charity or shelter that may require food relief or assistance.

What is FareShare?

FareShare is the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors, made up of 18 independent organisations. Together, we take good quality surplus food from right across the food industry and get it to more than 10,500 frontline charities and community groups.

What industry is OzHarvest?

OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it, directly and free of charge, to more than 1,300 charities supporting people in need.

What percentage of Australians experience food insecurity?

In Australia, food security is not measured at a population level regularly or consistently. However, estimates suggest that between 4% and 13% of the general population are food insecure; and 22% to 32% of the Indigenous population, depending on location.

How much food is wasted in Australia every year?

Each year we waste around 7.3 million tonnes of food – this wastage equals about 300kg per person or one in five bags of groceries. Food waste accounts for more than five per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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Is Oz Harvest not for profit?

OzHarvest Limited, which is a non profit organisation, reserves the right to deduct any bank or transaction charges for any refund processed onto the donor.

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