What charities does Louis Tomlinson support?

Louis is a patron of Stacey’s Smiles, a charity that supports families affected by the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

What charities has Louis Tomlinson donated to?

Louis is a patron of The Eden Dora Trust that funds research into childhood encephalitis; of Stacey’s Smiles, that supports families affected by childhood cancer; of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, which serves children and young adults with a shortened life expectancy (in 2017 he purchased the entirety of their …

How much did Louis Tomlinson donate?

Louis Tomlinson showed one of his big fans some love by donating $10,000 to her medical costs. 9-year-old Rylee Sanford has a rare brain malformation called bilateral close-lipped schizencephaly, which ultimately causes cerebral palsy, according to the YouCaring fundraising page her parents set up.

What charity did one direction donate to?

Louis Tomlinson is an ambassador of the Eden Dora Trust, which raises money for chronically ill children. He put together the Believe in Magic Cinderella Ball for children that were terminally ill.

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What charity work has Harry Styles done?

While touring in South America, Styles donated to a number of poverty charities, including The Chile Fund Against Hunger and Poverty in Santiago, Chile. This fund was established by the Government of Chile and the United Nations Development Program to combat hunger and poverty.

Why Louis Tomlinson relationship with his fans is so special?

From day 1, Louis has had a phenomenal relationship with his fanbase, one that has grown even more since he began to branch out as a social artist. … His fanbase is unflinchingly loyal to the Walls singer, they enjoy a level of banter with him that makes the relationship feel extremely personal.

What is Louis Tomlinson net worth?

Louis Tomlinson net worth: Louis Tomlinson is an English singer who has a net worth of $70 million dollars. He first became famous as a member of the singing group One Direction.

Does Louis know sign language?

tina on Twitter: “louis learned sign language to communicate with deaf fans… ”

How many tickets did Louis Tomlinson sell for live stream?

Louis Tomlinson Sells More Than 160,000 Tickets to Charity Livestream – Biggest Male Solo Livestream of the Year. According to the press release, Louis Tomlinson’s Live in London livestream on Saturday was the biggest male solo artist livestream of the year with ticket sales topping 160,000 globally.

What is Louis Tomlinson’s motto?

“Live life for the moment, because everything else is uncertain.” “I’m Louis the Tommo Tomlinson!”

What did BTS donate?

The group and their label donated $100 million Korean won (approximately $85,000) to the Sewol Ferry Disaster 416 Family Council in 2017, according to Soompi. The move came following the devastating death of 250 students who drowned after the MV Sewol ferry capsized during a school trip in South Korea.

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How many charities does 1d have?

Charities & foundations supported 8

Comic Relief. Global Poverty Project. Greenpeace.

Where did one direction film one way or another?

The music video for “One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)” was shot in Ghana, Tokyo, New York City, and London, including at 10 Downing Street, featuring a cameo from then British Prime Minister David Cameron. The clip was released on 20 February 2013.

How much money does Harry Styles donate to charity?

It’s not exactly a “spend”, but the chart-topping singer has made headlines for donating ticket proceeds and auction item sales to various charities. In 2018, Variety reported that Styles’ debut tour raised US$1.2 million in charitable donations from ticket sales, Live Nation contributions and matching payments.

Does Harry Styles merch go to charity?

It’s now been revealed that Styles raised money for 62+ different charities across the world, as part of his ‘Treat People With Kindness’ merchandise range. Profits from these purchases, as well as a portion of ticket sales, was donated to a number of local charities from his tour stops.

How can I contact Harry Styles?

Fans can contact Harry Styles by writing a letter to his agency at: Harry Styles, c/o Modest Management, The Matrix Complex, 91 Peter Borough Rd, London, SW6 3BU. Fans can also write an email to fanmail@modestmanagement.com. Alternatively, fans can contact Harry via his Twitter account, which is @Harry_Styles.

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