What counts as DofE volunteering?

Volunteering is simple. It’s about choosing to give time to help people, the community or society, the environment or animals. Your volunteering must not be done for a business but can be undertaken for a charity or not-for-profit organisation.

What volunteer work can I do for DofE?


  • Help a charity or community organisation. Fundraising. Fundraise for an important cause, such as St John Ambulance, YHA, Leonard Cheshire, The British Heart Foundation or create your own campaign. …
  • Help others. Elderly. …
  • Online volunteering projects. Digital safety. …
  • Conservation. Environment.

Does tutoring count as volunteering for DofE?

Action Tutoring is proud to be a DofE Approved Activity Provider. This means that our volunteering activity will count towards achieving a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Does CCF count towards DofE volunteering?

There are a huge range of CCF and ACF activities which can count towards your DofE sections at Silver. … If you’re a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer aged 18-24, then the Gold DofE programme is also available to you. Speak with your Detachment Commander for further information.

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How long do you have to volunteer for bronze D of E?

Depending on your age, you are free to start at any level but most people prefer to start at Bronze and work upwards. It will usually take you at least 6 months to complete your Bronze programme. You also have to spend an extra three months on one of the Volunteering, Physical or Skills sections.

Can you skip silver DofE and go straight to gold?

Can you skip Silver DofE and go straight to Gold? You can complete the Gold DofE award without having completed Silver, however it will take longer (it doesn’t make a difference if you’ve completed Bronze).

How do I volunteer to DofE at home?

Take a look at the DofE Opportunity Finder

You can find a whole range of remote volunteering ideas on our Opportunity Finder for participants. Just select Volunteering in the ‘Section’ dropdown menu, and tick ‘Distance learning/remote’ – then take your pick.

Can family sign DofE?

An Assessor checks on your progress and agrees the completion of a section of your programme. They must be independent. Therefore, they cannot be a member of your family.

How many hours of volunteering do you need for DofE?

As a rule of thumb, a three month section equates to at least 13 hours of activity, six months to 26 hours and 12 months to 52 hours.

How many hours of volunteering do you need for DofE gold?

Length of time of DofE expeditions

Level Duration Minimum hours of planned activity each day
SILVER 3 days and 2 nights At least 7 hours during the daytime (at least 3½ of which must be spent journeying)
GOLD 4 days and 3 nights At least 8 hours during the daytime (at least 4 of which must be spent journeying)
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How do you get the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

14-24 year-olds can do a DofE programme at one of three progressive levels which, when successfully completed, leads to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. There are four sections to complete at Bronze and Silver level and five at Gold.

How do you join the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

To become an Award Participant, young people must first register into the Award.

However, you must be at the minimum age of 13 year and 6 months.

  1. Download the Registration Form at this link.
  2. Fill it out, print, and sign it.
  3. You can then mail ​your registration form to our office with the $50 registration fee.

How do you get the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award?

Silver is the second level of the Award, and takes a minimum of 6 months to complete if you have completed Bronze or 12 months if you have not completed Bronze – Direct Entry. You can start your Silver Award as soon as you’ve completed your Bronze. If you have not completed Bronze then you must be 15 to start Silver.

Can you go straight to gold DofE?

Once you are 16 you can do your Gold DofE programme. … If you’ve jumped straight into your Gold DofE programme you’ll need to do a further six months either Volunteering or in whichever one of your Physical or Skills activities you spent more time on.

What age can you start D of E?

Participants can start their Silver DofE programme when they are in the school year in which they turn 15. They must already be 16 before they can start their Gold DofE programme. Within DofE rules, the school year starts on August 1st.

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Is the Duke of Edinburgh Award worth it?

Completing your DofE Award is a great attainment, with a self-satisfying “I did it!” Although the award requires a lot of effort, time and dedication, it’s well worth it.

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