Who said I have broke charity with the woman I have broke charity with her?

“I have broke charity with the woman, I have broke charity with her.” Said by Giles Corey; he is ashamed because he was the one who convicted his wife by saying she was reading strange books.

What does Giles mean when he says that he has broke charity with the woman?

How Giles “broke charity with the woman? He says that he “broke Charity” with her because he unintentionally gave the court cause to accuse Martha of being a witch early when he talked about her.

What does Giles Corey mean when he claims I have broke charity with her?

Why does Giles say that he “broke charity” with his wife? His statement that she reads books secretly has brought the court’s suspicious on his wife, so he is feeling guilty because he has hurt her and her reputation.

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What does I have broke charity mean in the crucible?

You see, to break charity means to betray or harm someone. And there are tons of times when betrayals go down during the Salem witch trials. … Basically, Mary feels like the lying girls betrayed her by naming her crush as a witch, so now she wants to betray them right back by getting them in trouble.

What does John Proctor mean when he says I have made a bell of my honor?

When Proctor says, “I have made a bell of my honor! I have rung the doom of my good name…,” he means that he has: told everyone his sins. announced that his marriage is over.

What does John say about his wife before she is brought in to testify?

John Proctor wants to protect his innocent wife and tells Mary, “My wife will never die for me! I will bring your guts into your mouth but that goodness will not die for me!”

What does Abigail do when suspicion that she might be pretending falls on her?

What does Abigail do when suspicion that she might be pretending falls on her? Abigail says there is a cold wind. The other girls join in and say that Mary is sending a shadow on them.

How does Abby use a yellow bird to her advantage?

The ploy works: Danforth turns to Mary and asks, in a very accusatory way, if she is witching Abigail and sending her spirit out to hurt her. Later in Act Three, after Elizabeth Proctor has left the court, Abigail pretends to see a “yellow bird” upon the beam overhead, and she speaks to it as though it were Mary.

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What changed about Reverend Hale’s attitude since acting?

In some ways, Hale does not change from act 1 to act 3. When Hale arrives in act 1, he is borderline arrogant in his ability to find the Devil’s presence in Salem and rid the town of witchcraft. … The difference is that Hale no longer believes there is actual witchcraft going on in Salem.

How did Giles Corey die Why is his death treated differently?

Giles refused to respond to the charges against him and was pressed to death. His accusers placed huge stones on his chest until he died. His last words supposedly were, “More weight!” … Corey’s last words before the stones crush his ribcage are “More weight.” He dies without ever revealing his source.

What does it mean to break charity with someone?

While reading The Crucible, the term “breaking” charity was often seen in the dialogue. Its meaning is to treat wrongfully or betray. Some of the characters in the play “break” charity throughout the acts such Abigail, John Proctor, and Corey Giles.

Who did Judge Danforth say this to the pure in heart need no lawyers?

14 The pure in heart need no lawyers. Proceed as you will. This is Danforth telling Hale that if someone is truly innocent then there is no need for extra defense. Hale was trying to give Proctor a fair chance at defending himself because he was realizing how corrupt Danforth was.

Why is Proctor’s name so important?

His name, as well as his execution are symbolic, it is after his death that the witch trial hysteria ends. He is the representative or steward seeking God’s mercy and graciousness for all sinners. Proctor shows how God’s forgiveness, even in the presence of great sin, can save one’s soul.

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